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Like many, my stream journey began years ago on another platform. Over the next few years I struggled to find my voice as a content creator. This time was invaluable to me in that it provided me an education only experience and failure can give. These early stumbles spurred on my drive to be a better streamer and content creator. After much thought and introspection, I know who I am; I am Mudcat.

I believe firmly that content creators should do more than just “go live.” On my channel I strive to be purposeful, thoughtful, and engaging with all my content. My channel focuses heavily on recreating the feeling of sitting and watching your college roommate finish the entire fable series. As a streamer I thrive on high interaction and contend that there are not many streamers that engage their viewers better than I do. Community engagement ranks high on my list as a streamer. For me engagement is a 24/7 job whether that is in my stream or via discord or other social platforms like twitter (

My channel also serves as a place where I can commentate community tournaments. Whether it be an organized Halo 4v4 or an impromptu For Honor 1v1 battle, I share my love of competition with my community in a live setting. Streaming is all about that shared experience. I am in my viewer’s living room, cracking jokes, entertaining them, having real talks, sharing life, and of course ranting. Speaking of rants, my move to Mixer inspired me to create a podcast called…well… RANTS ( I use this podcast as a platform to share my experience as a streamer to encourage others to be thoughtful and purposeful in their content while hitting them with a heavy dose of reality about streaming culture and life.

It is my hope that all content creators would strive to be the best and most community-oriented streamers possible.

-MUDCAT: Streamer, Commentator, Captain of the Purple Pirates (