The Mudcat Twitch is my personal channel and was my main focus of content creation for many years beginning back in late 2012. Over the subsequent years my content focused on Halo, Overwatch, and eventually Sea of Thieves. I became a Sea of Theives partner on day one of the program’s launch and participated in events like Battle for LA at E3. Over the last 10 years I built a community of 24k on Mixer before it’s shutdown and 10k on Twitch at the height of my streams. My time streaming on this channel has been invaluable to the development of my various production skills. Thousands of hours working in OBS, making small changes, exploring new technology and styles of content creation have given me a broad perspective on the live streaming space. I fully believe the next decade of live streaming meta will see a shift to a narrative content model with productions being more in live with TV/studio shows.