Need a producer for your online or in person TTRPG show? Look no further. I will optimize and run your show from the bottom up including services like custom overlays, sources, audio/video management, as well as create redundancies and fail safes to ensure your show starts on time and avoids costly technical issues. I have experience converting online shows to a live in person setting. You play, I’ll do the heavy lifting.

Dungeon Master

The hardest parts of any TTRPG are finding the time and finding a DM/GM. I can help with least one of those. I focus on encounter based, cinematic style, storytelling and believe in the rule of cool. My specialties lie in one-shots and anthology sessions. Whether you want a DM for a private game, an online/live show, or for a corporate event, I would be honored to TPK DM your party.

OBS Consultant

Just starting streaming? Trying to push your brand or company into live spaces? Or maybe you just want to up the production quality of your existing channels. With over a decade of OBS and live streaming experience I can get you up and running from scratch, help you optimize, and/or consult with you on strategies to improve your quality. No matter the platform I can get you streaming at your full potential and help you reach your audience.


Don’t threaten me with a good time. I am currently available for hire as a guest, recurring player, or panelist for online and live shows. I specialize in chaotic comedic relief characters and edge lords. There is no in between.


Have an event or tournament planned? Need a host, shout caster, or analyst? I love esports like Halo and Overwatch among others. I have 6+ years of community tournament organization and casting as well as experience commentating events for groups like the Navy MWR.


Editing can be a chore in the live streaming space. I specialize in condensing long form content into short form clips for sites like Tiktok and Youtube. Narrative is important and I focus on providing context while delivering the message of your moment to your audience.

Creator Collaborations

Networking and collaboration are key to growth in the live streaming and content creation space. If you are a creator with an awesome concept for a collaboration I want to hear it. Shoot me you wildest, most innovative ideas and let’s see if we can’t make some content together.

Sponsors/Brand Activations

If you represent a brand or corporate entity and wish to sponsor myself or a piece of content, TTRPG or otherwise, please reach out and let me know the scope of work and budget for your project. I can provide comprehensive brand activations or integrations into live streams or TTRPG productions.


Mudcat brought a wealth of experience and insight to our channel. Helping us improve our streaming setup and optimizing our use of OBS. His methods were kind, clear and concise, and we’re grateful for his help! –GloriousGe0rge

Mudcat is one of the most capable people I have worked with on OBS and streaming. Not only does he take the time to make everything perfect, but he constantly looks for better ways to improve what he has created. – TheShortNord

Let’s Create Together.