D20 Deathmatch Live

D20 Deathmatch Live was out first experience in a live setting. While our show was designed originally with a live in person show in mind, the concept went untested until GCX Orlando 2022. A mere 7 months after our original launch on Twitch, we took the stage in a live setting that was an incredible success; We were instantly offered a place for GCX 2023. In preparation for the show I approached RareDrop and GCX to secure the opportunity and over the proceeding months I worked closely with them to ensure the production elements would be conducive to a successful show. Prep for this show included:

  • Audio/video pre-production
  • Tech setup and integration
  • Talent scheduling and management
  • Brand cooperation with Raredrop and GCX
  • Creating sponsorship proposals and pitches
  • Social media asset generation and distribution
  • post production editing of the VoD for Youtube and podcast platforms.