Mudcat Malone

Mudcat Malone was an experimental, albeit short lived, series of content on my personal channels. The goal was to marry the ideas of typical streaming (gameplay content) with that of more narrative storytelling. The story was a noir themed faux drama centered around Mudcat Malone, a disgraced police officer turned PI, who was trying to find a mysterious drug Kingpin named “Cheesecat.” This project really pushed the limits of a solo production in a live streamed environment. The idea was to film scenes live in between gaming, and edit those scenes along with chat interaction and improv into a weekly episode. What others have done with a team of producers I sought to tackle myself. To achieve this production took a lot of technical trial and error. Some pieces of technology used were:

  • 12 button custom built stomp box with midi outputs. The midi signals were interpreted via software to trigger hot keys on the PC for transitions between seated and standing scenes.
  • 2 separate audio mixers, wireless headsets, and boom mics for various standing/seating positions.
  • The commissioning of 3 dimensional scenes (offices, alleys, a 1 mile digital driving loop, interrogation room, and more) created in unreal engine which were layered to create the effects of sitting in an office, driving a car
  • Custom ambient foley for every scene

After placing the Twitch project on hiatus to develop D20 Deathmatch I further experimented with the character and production for short form platforms like Tiktok, moving the character into a spoof of 1920s wall street crash reactions centered around the ever fluctuating cryptocurrency markets. While the project is still on hold it is one of my favorite pieces of content and more importantly demonstrates my willingness to innovate and take risks.

MM Launch trailer
Episode one featuring Becca Godsey