Fate of the Arbiter

The Fate of the Arbiter was out first D20 Deathmatch universe limited series. Originally designed as a one-shot became a 3 part series exploring my character’s nefarious deeds behind the scenes of the main show, D20 Deathmatch. This series led to the discovery of his betrayal and a cross over story in which the Arbiter was in direct conflict with the Grand Master in a 3 episode tournament series called the Battle for The Crown in our main show story line.

For this project I handled every piece of the production including:

  • Overlay and stream asset design and production
  • Full production of the live streamed show to sites like Twitch and Youtube
  • Sourcing, recruiting, and managing talent
  • Production of social media promos and assets
  • Editing VoDs for Youtube and podcast platforms.
  • Editing long form VoDs into narrative clips designed for Tiktok, Reels, and Shorts
  • Designing and DMing the game including integration of virtual tabletop software and assets

We have since continued to add limited events to our roster of shows, all of which eventually tie into the main show, providing a deeper lore experience to our universe for those interested in more than the standard fair of blood and death.

Part one of the Fate of the Arbiter Series.