Skypiercer is a 3 part D20 Deathmatch limited series exploring the origins of the Grandmaster. I was the main producer and DM for this project. The backstory material was written in collaboration with my partner Becca Godsey. My contributions included:

  • Overlay and stream asset design and production
  • Full production of the live streamed show to sites like Twitch and Youtube
  • Sourcing, recruiting, and managing talent
  • Production of social media promos and assets
  • Editing VoDs for Youtube and podcast platforms.
  • Editing long form VoDs into narrative clips designed for Tiktok, Reels, and Shorts
  • Co-Designing and DMing the game including integration of virtual tabletop software and assets

With this project I attempted to innovate and iterate on the traditional format of story telling for a campaign. The story begins mid-combat using a loose narrative flow to introduce characters and flashback sequences with a jumping perspective to reveal the setting and missing context for the players as they are introduced to this setting. I found this method of story telling to be significantly more engaging and thematically more cinematic for viewers/listeners. It is my aim to incorporate more traditional cinematic story telling elements to enhance the overall quality of our productions.